what do you want to be when you grow up?


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it’s a common question that worries many people. I myself already have my future planned out. but why must we plan out our future? back in the day men planned out the next day or so and none further. why? because it leads to disappointment. I think the whole idea of planning what you’d like to do for the rest of your life is like planning out what to do until you die. that’s all there is to life isn’t it? to live until you die? well yes, and no. if you look at how the world was with cavemen, they lived to survive. this was the way of life up until men started killing other men for power. the concept of time came into play, gold, silver, money, the cost of a life even. but what does it all matter? nothing if you aren’t surviving. and that really makes me mad. that I have to plan my life according to death to have a good life. that’s exactly why I state “life is a distraction of death.” because IT IS. you live to forget that every second you die. and the concept that 365 days make a year and 24 hours make a day and 60 minutes make an hour and 7 days make a week, it’s great and it’s amazing but what other use is it other than to hold all humans together under one common schedule? the world was spinning before that was invented and it’ll be spinning after. the only difference is the world is a living hell now. what’s the point of dying if we are all basically already dead? we all follow the same basic daily schedule. I shouldn’t have to be paying for food to survive when God created the Earth for humans to live on TO SURVIVE. why am I paying to do what God created me to do? because one man thinks it’ll be fantastic to have money. why does that man need money? because another took shelter and made it something we should pay for. because all the corrupt inventions of Earth (electricity, factory products, etc) cost money. I’m paying for clothes, well God gave me a body, why do I not just show it off when it’s hot? and cover it when it is cold? the entire world corrupted everything God made and I’m in complete shock that God still creates humans to ruin the world more. perhaps in hope of a brighter future for humans? I sure hope so because that’s the only justification i can conjure. this life is a mess and no one thinks they can fix it so the mess gets messier. it’s quite dumb isn’t it?



introduction: you may not like what I have to say but I surely will say it, I’m trying to speak for myself and I hope all enjoy it